This Hot Wheels Bike will make your kids’ summer sizzle! | Source: Dynacraft

When daylight gets longer, so does the list of sizzling summer toys.

One hot toy is the Dynacraft Hot Wheels 12-inch bike for kids! As kids race around the neighborhood or on the bike trail, they can lead the pack with this racing-inspired bicycle with bold orange-and-blue paint finish.

While a racing bike has to look the part, it also has to sound the part, so kids will love the revving rev grip bike handles that feature realistic racing sounds. To top it off, the Hot Wheels graphics on the handlebar shield and bike frame make this cycle hot for the tots.

The blue and orange colors make this bike race ready! | Source: Dynacraft

On the practical side, this two-wheeler comes with an adjustable seat to enable longevity as kids grow over a couple of seasons. It comes outfitted with removable training wheels and coaster brakes to make stopping super smooth. The wheels are 12 inches in height and ideal for kids ages 3-5 weighing up to 50 pounds.

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Not only is it fun to go on a simple bike ride, but kids can play games on their bikes, too! Some ideas include setting up traffic cones or cups for a fun obstacle course as they navigate around and through the obstacles. Alternatively, kids can chart out a course on a driveway using chalk! Another idea is to set up buckets and have them try to toss a ball or empty bottle inside as they ride. Whoever gets the most objects in their bucket wins! Another fun activity on a hot day is to set up water balloons, and the kids can ride over the balloons to pop them! Not only are these fun bike activities, but they also work on kids’ motor skills, planning, and dexterity.

Whatever kids do or wherever they go, they can get revving as they revel in the hot days of summer on their Hot Wheels bike!

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