Magformers is a leader in magnetic building toys for children. Each Magformers piece has magnets throughout its unique shape, so no matter how they’re connected, they always attract. Combine this with their strength, and it means shapes can be laid flat on a table and pulled up to form different builds for endless play and learning experiences.

Each Magformers shape contains cylindrical neodymium magnets. This type of magnet is the strongest of their kind to ensure connectivity, meaning they connect easily and kids are not frustrated during play! Parents will approve that every magnet within a Magformers piece is secure due to the sonic welded, BPA-free, HQABS plastic. Encapsulated magnets aim to give children a safe and long-lasting play experience.

Speaking of builds, kids can build many different things, but the shapes themselves can be used for various purposes. For example, for younger children, parents can use Magformers for encouraging counting or color recognition. Teachers can use the shapes for fun math games, like asking a child what the answer when adding up two triangles plus four squares. For children with challenges, therapists can use the shapes for patterning and sequencing. Magformers can also be a hands-on learning experience for older children. It gives them a tactile experience when learning geometric shapes, such as octahedrons and tetrahedrons! They even make a great fidget toy for adults.

The Magformers Basic 14-piece set is ideal for travel, even if it is just to a restaurant, a waiting room, or a relative’s house. They easily stack together and there are no small pieces to lose in the bottom of your bag. Plus, the play pattern is totally open-ended, so kids have an imaginative tool at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.

The 14-piece set can also connect with larger Magformers sets, like the 40- or 90-piece options, or you can expand the play experience with shape sets, like houses, vehicles, and more. Plus, if kids need a little inspiration, head to There are lots of design ideas parents can print to help kids build different things!

Whether learning, creating, building, or just playing, Magformers are MAGnificent!

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Charlene DeLoach

Charlene DeLoach

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