When I was little, learning to “drive” on my dad’s lap during commutes to school was always super exciting for me, and when my parents finally bought me a Barbie Jeep, it was like I’d discovered a whole new world. You can bring the grown-up experience of driving a car to your kids with the 24 Volt Monster Truck, from RollPlay

It’s empowering for a kid to hop behind the wheel of a car and drive on their own. You encourage them to flex their “big kid” muscles, giving them the gift of independence. Your kids will be able to easily imagine that they’re behind the wheel of an actual vehicle thanks to the 24 Volt Monster Truck with its included working LED headlights and truck sounds. It recreates the feeling of driving for younger truckers while taking away the danger of motorized vehicles. 

The 24 Volt Monster Truck is an imposing toy. This truck instantly catches your eye with its monster-truck-inspired detailing, including huge wheels, an elevated seat, and a bright red paint job with gray flame decals on the side. The truck has functioning orange shock absorbers above the wheels, which means the driver can bump across multiple kinds of terrain for endless enjoyment. Along with the shock absorbers, the four all-terrain wheels include rubber traction strips, ensuring that the truck grips the ground at all times. The truck also comes with a 24-volt battery and charger, so it’s easy to recharge after hours of play.

If you’re worried about the driver going too fast for their age, then the high-speed-lockout option is perfect for them. The 24 Volt Monster Truck has a max speed of 4 miles per hour (mph) forward and about 2 mph in reverse, so you can ensure kids will be happy and safe at all times. Along with the integrated speed-lockout option, the truck also includes an integrated side step, making it easy for shorter drivers to get in and out of the vehicle without assistance. Check out RollPlay’s video below to see the truck in action.

The 24 Volt Monster Truck is a great starting point for kids who want to experience driving in the great outdoors. It’s well-constructed and perfectly designed for the young monster truck aficionado. This toy puts independence into the hands of kids who may not get to experience independence often — because, well, they’re kids.

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