Instead of telling kids not to doodle on things, encourage them to be their most creative selves with the 25th Anniversary Doodle Bear from TOMY!

Last year, TOMY revived the classic ‘90s toy with several different styles of Doodle Bears, including one that looked pretty similar to the original, as well as clip-on versions available in different animal styles. The 25th anniversary bear is a limited-edition version, featuring fun and modern updates to make it the best Doodle Bear yet.

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The 14-inch, plush bear comes with three colored markers that kids can use to draw on it. Instead of the usual colored fabric, this Doodle Bear features a light gray color, which makes it more noticeable when kids doodle on it because the colors pop more. The fabric is also printed with white shapes — including butterflies, balloons with “25” on them, stars, rainbows, and more — so kids can trace or color in the lines, or they can go doodle-crazy and freestyle with their own designs anywhere on the bear. Either way, they can’t go wrong because the bear is machine washable. As long as parents follow the washing instructions correctly, kids can start all over again with a blank bear.

Other updates to the 25th anniversary bear include more design details, such as eyebrows, denim-like accents along the seams, an embroidered heart with a metallic “25” on the chest, and a metallic silver bear logo on the foot. In place of the embroidered eyes of Doodle Bears past, the new edition has shiny, plastic eyes that make it look friendlier. There is a touch of nostalgia, too, with colorful snippets of fabric on the ears and feet inspired by the ‘90s Doodle Bear print, and a back pocket to store the markers, just like the original.

Like last year’s Doodle Bear remake, this one is also compatible with an app, called the Doodle Bear Studio. Kids can animate their bear by taking a photo of it in the app (it’s hard to get it lined up perfectly, but it doesn’t really matter), recording voice and sound effects, adding digital stickers, and drawing on the backdrop.

The tech aspect adds another dimension of play to the bear, giving kids a way to save their doodles before washing them off and creating new masterpieces. Doodle away!

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