Kids can design anything they want with the 3Doodler Start+ Pen! | Source: The 3Doodler

Could you imagine if your kids’ two dimensional drawings could take 3D form? We can, now that we’ve tried the 3Doodler Start+ Maker Bundle!

This 3D pen makes it possible for kids to easily create their own unique structures and figures! The set comes with the 3Doodler Start+ Pen, a USB cable for charging the pen, 147 colorful strands, an instruction guide with 10 activities inside, nine challenge cards, and a 3Doodler Start+ DoodlePad. 

Kids can insert the filaments into the 3D pen before drawing. Once they begin to draw, the strands will come out the other side and harden within a few seconds. Kids can either immediately shape each component of their design after it comes out of the pen and slowly piece together their work, or keep going and build the entire design at once! The sky’s the limit when it comes to making different designs, but some examples the instruction manual provides include buildings (like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!), UFOs, robots, flowers, dream catchers, and so much more! 

Kids can make 3D art with this set. | Source: The 3Doodler

Beginners can use the DoodlePad to practice using the pen, as the pad includes circles and lines to help guide kids’ first tries with the pen and the color strands. When kids feel confident in using the pen correctly, they can move on to the suggested activities in the instruction manual and challenge cards to make more intricate designs and structures. Among the other items, one pack of strands contains filaments of every color kids can think of, while the other pack contains 75 extra pink, black, and gray filaments. 

When kids have doodled their hearts out and need a break, they can use the USB cable to charge the pen. One side of the cable fits into a small orange compartment on the side of the pen, and the other side of the cable can fit into a power source. The pen takes about 30 minutes to fully charge, so kids can use this time to brainstorm for their next exciting design!

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The pen is generally easy to use, but can get clogged and cause the work space to become messy. Be sure to clean off the nozzle of the pen often, and throw away any excess pieces of strands to start with a new, clean canvas. Additionally, it can become difficult to get the strands to stick to the DoodlePad, so kids can put a little pressure on the pen against the pad so the designs stay in place. If kids’ designs are not taking the shape they want, they can quickly mold the designs to their liking within a few seconds of the strands coming out the nozzle of the pen before they harden. 

If your kids are enjoying the 3Doodler Start+ bundle, you can purchase additional sets of strands for when they run out here, because you do need to load new strands into the pen quite frequently. 

If your kids are artistic — or even just looking to begin their artistic journey — this bundle is for them!

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