Whether he’s the fearsome antagonist of the current game you’re playing or your favorite racer in Mario Kart, Bowser and his red, bushy eyebrows are just as iconic as Mario in the Super Mario franchise. With the new movie (out today!) in theaters, Bowser is sure to be top of fans’ minds again — and now, kids can bring him home with this fun, fire-breathing action figure.

Inspired by Bowser from The Super Mario Bros. movie (voiced by Jack Black), the 7-inch “Fire Breathing” Bowser Figure from Jakks Pacific features 15 points of articulation so that kids can re-create all of their favorite Super Mario boss battles from the video games and the movie. The figure itself is also a nice chunky size, so little hands can maneuver him easily.

For an extra level of fun, this figure features an illuminated, “fire-breathing” effect, making him seem as formidable as he does on-screen. The prep is easy: Put 8-10 drops of water in the spout on the back of Bowser’s head, and pop off his shell to put in the batteries. Once you replace the shell, press down on one of his spikes to see a light-up misting effect that looks even cooler in the dark. (I recommend using some sort of dropper to get the water in, but I carefully poured a little bit in from a glass and that worked just fine, too). 

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To peak collectors’ interests, the figure comes in a display-worthy box, so if you’re not looking to re-create adventures with Bowser, you can show him off on a shelf. From his gradient coloring to his perfectly coiffed locks, this figure includes just as much detail as it does fun.

Whether you’re a lifelong Mario fan or have kids that are brand-new to the Mushroom Kingdom, this King Koopa is a must-add to your collection. It’s sure to be one of the “hottest” toys for the new movie!

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