The latest American Girl Historical dolls are ’90s girls! | Source: American Girl

Believe it or not, the ‘90s were 30 years ago and the ‘90s babies who lived for walkmans, button pins, and Beanie Babies are officially historical American Girl dolls.

Isabel and Nicki Hoffman may be twins, but they each have unique looks. | Source: American Girl

Mattel released two new American Girl dolls inspired by the ’90s. Isabel and Nicki Hoffman are fraternal twins living in Seattle, Washington. Isabel is blonde with green eyes and loves showing off her unique fashion style and loving on her kitten. Nicki has blue eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights and likes to hit the skatepark with her dog. The two sisters are very different, but both love trying new things. The dolls are available for $115 each and include their journals.

The collection features tons of ‘90s accessories that will convince kids they were born in the wrong generation, including a purple inflatable chair; a Pizza Hut Book It! Set; and a computer and desk set, which comes with CDs, floppy disks, a cordless phone, and more. These accessory kits range from $32-50, while the computer and desk set is available for $145.

Each doll has three potential outfits and tons of accessories that are sold separately. Isabel has preppy outfits, including sweater vests, tennis skirts, and everything pink, while Nicki has overalls, sneakers, and a baseball cap. The girls also show off their style in the bedroom sets, which feature animal- and flower-print bedspreads, funky plush pillows, and more. The Isabel and Nicki dolls are available with all of their outfits and accessories for $250 and $245 each, or all together for $326.

Isabel and Nicki can also play in the 2-in-1 Tennis Court and Skate Spot, which features space for both girls to excel in their sport of choice and accessories such as skate ramps and a tennis ball launcher. The 2-in-1 Tennis Court and Skate Spot is available for $175 or bundled with the girls’ sporty outfits for $255.

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Adults and kids alike can celebrate the new dolls with a launch celebration until Feb. 26 at American Girl stores across the country! The dolls are also available online at and in American Girl stores. We may be a long way out from the ‘90s, but these adorable twins are bringing that nostalgic era back!

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