Roblox continues to be an online gaming powerhouse with kids of all ages being huge fans of the platform! One of the most popular games is Adopt Me!

Uplift Games created it for users to adopt and take care of various pets that hatch from eggs. As the pets grow, they transition through different stages, starting from newborns and progressing to juniors, preteens, teens, post-teens, and finally reaching full-grown status. If a player owns four fully grown pets of the same type, they can merge them to create a “Neon” pet.

Jazwares created the Adopt Me! Neon Unicorn to represent this Adopt Me! phenomenon. On the Roblox platform, the unicorn in particular is considered one of the legendary pets. This unique-corn plush animal is marketed for kids ages 6 and up. It stands about 12 inches tall and is a fashion-icorn with its velvet-like feel, but also firm, white material with a hot pink tail and a mane with vibrant pink, neon green, and a hint of bright yellow.

This Adopt Me! Neon Unicorn is born to be wild with its three different light modes that showcases the magic of the in-game Neon Unicorn. Kids can press the left ear to activate the light-up features in the horn, mane, tail, and hooves. Kids can choose from the neon, light chaser, or all-in-one mode. In the neon mode, the horn, mane, tail, and hooves light up slowly and fade gradually. The light rotates between the mane, horn, tail, and hooves in the light chaser mode. The all-in-one mode cycles through the neon and light chaser modes.

Each light cycle lasts about 30 seconds. Grownups should appreciate that the batteries are not draining if kids forget to turn the lights off. However, it also means it cannot be an alternative to a nightlight, but some kids may like playing with the lights as they fall asleep at night.

Like many Roblox-inspired toys, the Neon Unicorn comes with an exclusive virtual item code, adding more value to the product and the play experience, so kids can enjoy the fairy-tail on — and off — the screen!


This plush 12-inch unicorn is inspired by the Legendary Neon Unicorn from the Adopt Me! game on Roblox. Kids can press the unicorn’s ear for three unique light patterns and use the included code to redeem the Rainbow Maker Backpack in the game.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $24.99
  • Age:
  • 6+
  • Battery Requirements:
  • 3 AAA

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