The new Be Bright strollers feature cute animal designs! | Source: Adora

Adora is rolling out new toy strollers based on its Be Bright animal characters.

Adora Toys is a company that strives to bring adorability to all its offerings, with baby dolls and accessories for all kinds of play. The new Be Bright strollers each feature a design based on an animal character and also come with a cute plush keychain of that animal. From sharks to bunnies, there’s a stroller for any kid to cart their favorite doll around in. 

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The strollers can fit a variety of doll sizes and have a clip belt to keep them in place safely (for those kids that aren’t the smoothest stroller operators). They are easily foldable and the fabric seats are removable and machine washable. They also have a storage compartment for any doll accessories that might need to come on the journey, as well as double wheels to make steering easier. There are five animal designs to choose from: a wolf, a lion, a bunny, a shark, or a bear.

If kids don’t already have a baby doll to push in the stroller, the rest of the Adora Be Bright collection has them covered. The line includes baby dolls, plush versions of all the animal characters, plush animal purses, animal character umbrellas, and dolls with color-changing hair. 

The Be Bright Strollers from Adora are available online for $32.99 and are recommended for ages 3 and up.

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