Kids can pretend they in the driver’s seat with this Adventure Force steering wheel! | Source: eKids and The Toy Insider

We all know kids think they are driving the conversation or steering us into doing what they want — and now with the Adventure Force Shake ‘n Steer Interactive Steering Wheel from eKids, they have a prop to do it with!

This 10-inch round steering wheel lets kids feel like they are in the driver’s seat, so that they can pretend to drive when they are in a stroller, the grocery store shopping cart, or the family mini-van on the way to Grandma’s house.

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What is excellent about role-play props like these is that it is a must-have toy for little racing fans, budding car enthusiasts, or kids who like to pretend to be grown-ups. Alternatively, if they like watching NASCAR races or the Disney Cars movies, they can use the steering wheel to pretend alongside the characters during the racing events! Another way grown-ups can incorporate this interactive toy into pretend play is by setting up chairs in two groups over a few rows. Next, have your child use the Adventure Force Steering Wheel to pretend to drive a bus and pick up stuffed animals. Perhaps they can pretend to pick you up as a car service!

Source: eKids

Now, let’s take a quick pitstop and talk about the features that put the pedal to the metal on the competition with this toy. This NASCAR-themed, interactive steering wheel lights up in red, yellow, and green traffic light colors — and makes road-worthy sound effects that rev up the role-play experience. In addition to the visual and audio effects, there are also tactile effects, too. For example, the steering wheel can vibrate to give the effect of taking a tight corner or driving down a dirt road!

A unique feature of this eKids toy is that there are interactive driving experiences included, and the steering wheel responds to how your kid plays with the wheel. If that doesn’t make you slam on the brakes in awe, then the feature grown-ups will be fueled to know about is the headphone jack that kids can use to keep the driving on the down-low!

If the Shake ‘n Steer wheel throttles their driving dreams, then check out! Kids ages 12 and under can attend NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series races for free by signing up on the website.

All in all, kids can have a driving prop that lets them steer themselves onto a road of imagination and fun!

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