Kids can do ocean clean-up activities, like placing trash in recycling bins. | Source: MeandMine

Plenty of kids love the beach, building sandcastles, and splashing around in the water, but they may not know about the dangers of pollution and oil spills. The new Aha!Empathy kit from MeandMine teaches kids how to help protect our oceans through hands-on projects, just in time for Earth Day.

Recommended for kids ages 5 and up, this activity kit comes with an Uh-oh! Oil in the Ocean storybook, an ocean pollution experiment, and several ocean rescue projects. Kids can pour oil spill gunk into a container with a feather and a feathered puffin to see the effects pollution has on wildlife firsthand. This will help kids visualize how wildlife is struggling and inspire empathy as kids come up with STEAM solutions to clean up the ocean and recycle trash.

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Kids can then go on an ocean clean-up mission by building a device to grab trash with. They can spread the pieces of “ocean trash” onto an ocean-themed mat and use the device to pick up cardboard models of soda cans, milk cartons, peanut butter jars, plastic bags, toothbrushes, spoons, and more, placing each piece into the correct recycling bin. This helps encourage everyday actions that kids can take to help protect the environment.

MeandMine also practices what it preaches, with an ASTM-F963 certification and through the use of eco-friendly, recycled materials wherever possible. The Aha!Empathy kit is available now on Amazon and for $29.95.

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