Jakks Pacific is launching its adorable Ami Amis into digital reality with the Roblox game Fashion Famous. 

The collaboration immerses Roblox players in a knitted carnival full of Ami Amis fun. When players join the lobby, digital versions of the Ami Amis crew will be there to greet them, including Frenchie, Pinky, Oinkie, and Pickles! While playing with the Ami Amis in Fashion Famous, kids can play carnival games to earn tokens to redeem special surprises!

Ami Amis show off all the awesome things the world has to offer! | Source: Jakks Pacific

Ami Amis are a tight-knit crew of collectible knitted characters that are full of personality and fun. Ami Amis are fueled by everything fun and exciting, including food, music, animals, and more. Jakks Pacific has dropped more than 200 Ami Amis this year that little collectors can search for and share with their friends. Each character comes with a tag, a fun backstory, and a collector guide. The Ultra Rare Ami Amis even come with a holographic sticker.

Wave 1 of Ami Amis is currently available at Walmart and Wave 2 hits stores this month. Even if kids don’t collect Ami Amis in real life, they can join in on the Fashion Famous fun on Roblox!


Ami Amis are cute and quirky collectible plush! There are 30 characters in Wave 1. Each Wave has a mix of common, rare, and ultra rare designs. These cozy crochet plush characters are inspired by favorite things – the first wave is launching with Foodie Friends, Animal Buddies, and Retro designs! The ultra rare characters…

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