PMI’s Among Us Red Imposter plush is so soft! | Source: PMI/The Toy Insider

Be careful … there’s an imposter among us! 

Well, a super soft and cuddly imposter. Perfect for kids ages 8 and up, this Among Us Red Imposter plush from PMI is sure to be kids’ newest cuddle buddy. This 7-inch Imposter plush comes in a vibrant red color and is so soft, little gamers might even forget that he’s not supposed to be a good guy. 

The plush is based on the über popular online video game Among Us, in which gamers must work together to identify and vote out whoever they think is the “Imposter.” Each player is depicted as the same armless cartoon astronaut, with different colors denoting different players. Although the Imposter might not always be red, in the game’s marketing, red is the most common color for Imposters, and red appears as the Imposter in the game’s instructions. 

At 7-inches tall, it’s the perfect size for kids to carry around. | Source: PMI

For fans of the game who struggle with social-emotional learning, this plush is the perfect comforting toy. Its velvety, comfy plush is perfect for anxious hands — kids will love kneading and snuggling up as their worries fade away. 

The Among Us Red Imposter plush is also a great way to get kids off-screen. Although Among Us can be a great way to get kids’ minds working, it’s also healthy to take a break every once in a while. Having a toy that reminds them of their favorite game can be a good way to keep them entertained while staying screen-free. 

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At only $12.99, the Among us Red Imposter plush is a great toy for the upcoming holiday season — especially for hard-to-buy-for tweens who love the video game!

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