The new game has players help out crabs, turtles, and other ocean animals. | Source: Roblox

Roblox and Jacob Colvin hope to make waves with the new Animal Rescue Island game. 

Jacob Colvin is a YouTuber who makes videos focused on the ocean, specifically the sea critters that live within it. He’s known in particular for his videos in which he removes parasites from shrimp.

The ocean-themed YouTuber is now teaming up with Roblox to bring his chaotic energy and love for the sea into the popular game. Animal Rescue Island is an animal rescue game all about ocean life, built using the Roblox platform as a base.

The game centers around building a rescue center and saving animals. As a rescue center tycoon, kids can upgrade their center, go out and find new animals, hatch animals from eggs, and trade their sealife pets. The fully interactive experience is also designed to inform players of how they can help ocean life in the real world, and a portion of profits will be sent to animal rehab centers. 

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The game is available to play on any device designed for gaming. Those who are ready to collect cute ocean critters can learn more at the official website.

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