Naruto Six Paths Sage Mode and Sakura Haruno Anime Heroes figures | Source: Bandai America/the Toy Insider

Anime Heroes are here to save the day – or at least to save your wallet.

The ever-expanding line from Bandai America features 6.5 inch-tall figures that are a great size for an animated battle. Each one features around 16 points of articulation, so kids can put them in a wide array of different poses so that they can fight their enemies or strike a pose on their display shelf. At $19.99, the collectibles are an affordable alternative to some of the pricier collectibles out there. Currently, there are multiple characters available from the anime series Naruto, One Piece, and Saint Seiya.

Two new figures from Naruto hit shelves today: Naruto Six Paths Sage Mode and Sakura Haruno. Haruno is considered one of the greatest medical-nin in the series, and in IRL, she’s the first female Anime Heroes figure. The Six Paths Sage Mode for Naruto is a divine intervention that makes his powers stronger. As for the figure, well, it just makes him look so much cooler. Each of these new collectibles is designed with the anime in mind and delivers on the details.

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Every Anime Heroes figure is made for display or play. The figures come with two additional sets of swappable hands and character-specific accessories for those who want to battle. For the kids who prefer everything to stay pristine in its box, the collectibles also feature premium packaging that’s influenced by Japanese manga and art.

Anime Heroes are a great introduction to collectibles for kids who are probably just being introduced to the anime series themselves. They can play, display, and keep the piggie bank full.

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