The bakerty collection features baked goods and desserts stuffed with removeable Anirollz characters! | Source: Anirollz

Cute and sweet is one of the best combinations — the new Anirollz bakery collection proves it.

Anirollz are squishy plush characters that are shaped like rolls. Everybody loves blob-shaped friends, but Anirollz also have blankets that are shaped like different things, including food, toys, and more! The latest Anirollz collection features characters stuffed inside baked goods and desserts. Kittiroll is stuffed in a strawberry waffle sandwich, Puppiroll is playing the role of marshmallow in a s’more, Foxiroll lives inside a cupcake, Bunniroll is chilling in a cherry pie, and Chickiroll likes to hang out in a loaf of bread. 

The bakery collection features 6-inch plush characters, but Anirollz also come in 4-, 10-, 15-, and 20-inch options. The blanket options for Anirollz are endless, including collaborations with Heinz, Spam, Hershey, ICEE, Crayola, and more. Kids can even “roll it yourself” by mixing and matching the Anirollz in different blankets. Not all of the Anirollz blankets are available in roll-it-yourself form, but there are so many opportunities!

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Kids can also collect their favorite Anirollz with the three-in-one gift bundles, which come with a 10-inch plush character, a 6-inch plush character, and a fabric squishy ball designed after an Anirollz character. With cool collaborations and endless customization options, Anirollz are the perfect new plush collection for kids who love all things cute and snuggly. Check them out at!

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