Kids can get a plush friend that can sit right by their side for bedtime, sleepovers, and more!

These new Anirollz plush characters are the first Anirollz to feature a sitting pose. The plush characters are adorably travel-sized at 6 inches tall and feature animal characters ready to be every kid’s new best buddy. Whether a kid loves puppies, kittens, or pandas, there’s a friend for them!

Puppiroll is ready to play some music on a guitar and has a spot pattern behind their eye, the very pink Kitiroll is holding a huge strawberry, and Pandaroll has found a marshmallow and has gotten to roasting it. Each character is stuffed with polyester filling and is stitched to last.

If a kid falls in love with any of the animal characters, there’s plenty more at Anirollz for them to get. The Anirollz Plush Pouches feature Pandaroll, Kittiroll, and Puppiroll, as well as the red Foxiroll. Each of the three characters featured in the Sitting Plush collection also has its own gift bundle, with the Puppiroll Gift Bundle, Kittiroll Gift Bundle, and Pandaroll Gift Bundle bundle ready to make sure every kid can have a full collection of their favorite. These are just a few of the many adorable plush options Anirollz has at the ready!

Get the new 6-inch Small Sitting Plush now at the Anirollz website and other retailers. Kids can have a cute little buddy to keep them constant company with these animal characters.


Kids will never want these 6-inch plush animals to leave once they have a seat next to them! This Anirollz plush line features a puppy playing guitar, a panda having a roasted marshmallow, and a kitty holding a strawberry.

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