To meet the Aquanerlie, kids put the egg into cold water and wait for it to hatch. | Source: Distroller

Something out-of-this-world is rising from the depths! One of the Nerlie species that comes from Neonatopia is expanding, with new Aquanerlies that are ready to be adopted by kids all over the world.

Late last year, Distroller World’s Nurse Tania “discovered” the first Aquanerlies line and presented her findings on Distroller USA’s YouTube channel, which is filled with the lore of Neonate Babies and their home of Neonatopia. She showed viewers a colorful, textured egg — dubbed a “Bl-egg” — and put the unknown specimen in cold water. After getting increasingly slimy and making the tank foggy, an Aquanerlie hatched! There were three creatures that made up the first generation of Aquanerlies: Aquareenie, Aquabella, and Aquarina. Now, another trio is joining the lineup!

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Meet Aquaminee, Aquamaree, and Aqualily, who make up “Generation X-clusive” and are all different colors: Aquamaree is pink, Aqualily is purple, and Aquaminee is orange. These dolls have defining features separate from the first collection of Aquanerlies, including sparkly fins and horns. Like other species of Nerlies, Aquanerlies are meant to be adopted and handled with care. Once kids place the brightly colored Bl-eggs in cold water and the babies hatch from their shells, kids can care for the Aquanerlies using an ocean-themed pacifier, a diaper, and a special diaper surprise that come with each kit.

The Generation X-clusive Aquarnerlies, made for kids ages 3 and up, can be adopted for $29.99 on Distroller USA’s website starting on July 30. Additional Nerlie apparel and accessories, such as mermaid tails, are also available online.

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