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The fun keeps barreling in with Avalanche from Skyrocket!

This new block-blasting game turns wintry weather into full-on fun. The Avalanche game comes mostly assembled: Kids just have to add the decorative (but oh so important) Yeti on top of the mountain and put together the two blasters. Then, they’re ready to battle with a friend or test their skills in one-player mode.

In all three of the games, the goal is simple: Blast as many blocks as you can. Players pull back on their blaster to unleash a foam ball and aim it at the “mountain” (an icy cool stack of nine blocks). When kids are playing by themselves, they can test their skills by seeing how many blocks they can knock over at one time. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be and does take time to master — making it a great challenge for a snow day.

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When kids play together, they can either take turns or let all of the “snow” fall at once. In the turn-based game, two players each take a shot at making the blocks fall out onto their opponent’s side. Whoever blasts the most blocks out wins! The same goal applies to the other two-person game, Rapid Fire. This one’s a little wilder because kids blast away at the same time until one player knocks out more blocks than the other.

Whichever way they play, kids can have a snowy adventure without having to leave the warmth of the great indoors. At the end of game time, everything disassembles easily to fit back into the box.

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