B-Kind dolls come with messages of positivity! | Source: Jada Toys

Be kind to those around you; be kind to the planet; B-Kind.

The new line of B-Kind dolls from Jada Toys knows a thing or two about kindness. There are five dolls in the line — Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora, and Daisy — and each one has a different passion that they use to help teach kids how to be a little kinder.

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Brianna has a passion for fashion and the environment. She puts the two together by teaching kids how to upcycle clothes. She comes with everything needed to design an outfit and a purse. Koral stays true to her name by teaching kids how to save the oceans. Every doll comes with a DIY activity to create Koral a reusable bag, which cuts down on waste going into the sea.

Each of the B-Kind dolls | Source: Jada Toys/ the Toy Insider

Ivy wants to end bullying. She helps kids learn how to get along with others with a DIY BFF bracelet. Nora’s motto is “Be Brave” and she’s always out to try new things. Kids can get in touch with their creative side with her intro on how to create a (doll-sized) hat hair extension. Lastly, Daisy is on the move to end animal cruelty. She rescues a lot of pets and needs kids’ help to create beds for them to sleep on with her included DIY activity.

The activities included with each doll are thoughtful and provide another level of play that kids can learn from. Each doll is just more than 1 foot tall and comes in reusable packaging with ink that’s made from soybeans. The package also folds into a Kindness Board, which is a dedicated space for kids to display and share their kindness goals through drawings, photos, mission statements, and more. Kids can also use it as a background for their dolls while they play. Check out the video above to see it in action! More craftisodes are available on the B-Kind website.

Kids can get creative with the DIY activities and open-ended play that these dolls provide. Parents can be happy knowing that their kids aren’t just playing, but learning some important life lessons. There’s one thing that can’t be denied: It’s good to B-Kind.

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