Kids can grow up with their baby doll and enjoy every stage of life together with Baby Alive Baby Grows Up from Hasbro.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, Baby Alive Baby Grows up transforms through three stages of life over and over for endless interactive and imaginative play. 

The doll comes with eight accessories to help her transition from newborn to a baby to a big girl: a swaddle blanket, a bottle, a food pouch, a bib, a hat, a brush, a skirt, and shoes.


Baby Alive Baby Grows Up with accessories | Source: Hasbro

There are three variations of the Baby Alive Baby Grows Up: Sweet, Happy, or Dreamy. Each variety has two different possible dolls kids can reveal, with varying hair and eye colors. Will it be Sweet Blossom or Lovely Rosie, Happy Hope or Merry Meadow, or Shining Skylar or Star Dreamer? 

Kids first enjoy their Baby Alive Baby Grows Up as a newborn, swaddled in a blanket and wearing an attached onesie. With her first bottle, she opens her eyes to reveals their color. Remove the hat to reveal her hair color and determine which of the two surprise dolls she is!

After feeding and rocking the doll as a newborn, kids can remove her swaddle and watch her kick her feet out to transform into the baby stage. Here, she sits up and says her first words. Kids can use the bib to feed their baby with the pretend food pouch, and she reacts to the food and playtime with typical baby noises and blabber.

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up doll in package | Image Source: Hasbro

The talking continues when the baby doll becomes a big girl. Stand her up and she grows four inches! Kids can also make the doll’s hair grow by using the hairbrush, then dress her up in a new skirt and pair of shoes to fit her new look.

After enjoying the big girl stage, kids can then reset her back into newborn mode. It might be tricky to shorten the doll’s legs again and fit them back into the swaddle, so kids may ask for an adult’s help for a full reset. However, the doll has so many functions and accessories that there are hundreds of possibilities for fun, no matter which stage she remains in. 

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The doll has more than 75 phrases and sounds that kids can adjust by pressing a button behind her head. This can alter the baby addressing “mommy” or “daddy” when speaking.

Because of the doll’s different stages and abilities, kids can enjoy this doll for many years as they play through the stages again and again at different phases of their own life. Kids can grow up with their Baby Alive Baby Grows Up as they both develop physically and emotionally!

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