Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby, from Hasbro, speaks two languages, eats real food, and poops. It’s all the fun of a real baby, but much less responsibility. 

There are two different ways to hear its more than 50 sounds and phrases. One is to bring the interactive spoon or bottle to its mouth — this does require pushing much farther than is recommended with real babies. The other option is to press its tummy. Make sure to flip the switch on the doll’s back to either mommy or daddy mode so kids can personalize its responses.

“Mommy, I’m hungry,” it says before asking to play. Responses can be in either English or Spanish and can easily be switched by pressing its tummy for five seconds.

Kids can choose between either a banana or peas to mix up and feed their babies. Add some water into the bowl, pour the powder, stir it around, and baby is ready to eat! Note: The doll cannot eat real food or anything besides water and what’s included. The box comes with two packets, and more are available for purchase. 

Before feeding, parents shouldn’t forget to remind “practicing parents” that a diaper is necessary. Baby Alive eats and drinks like a real kid, which means the food has to go somewhere. Initially, the diaper did leak a bit, but that could just be due to a lack of practice. Hasbro recommends always feeding the doll on a washable/wipeable surface — just to be safe. 

Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby is a great way for kids to develop their social and imaginative skills. It comes with everything needed to practice being a great mommy or daddy. Just make sure kids are ready to change some diapers!

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

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