Want to teach your LO what it’s like to be a parent when baby is sick? Thanks to Hasbro’s Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby, kids can take on the role of playing both parent and doctor while caring for their very own young one.

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby, by Hasbro, is a life-like doll with an expressive personality. She’s programmed to speak more than 35 different phrases, such as “I don’t feel good,” “I need a hug,” and “My nose is stuffy.” Whether she’s in need of a tissue or some juicy, Baby Alive will let you know.

Sadly, however, she’s not feeling well at the moment and is looking for someone to take care of her. This is where kids’ maternal and paternal instincts come into play, as this doll does NOT discriminate. Kids can program their Baby Alive doll to address them as “mommy,” “daddy,” or neither. One small step for dolls, one giant step for humankind.

To take care of this adorable doll, kids can place a thermometer in baby’s mouth, listen to her chest with a stethoscope, put a bandage on her, and give her a juice box to make her feel better. But even after all that, her nose is still red, and now she’s crying REAL TEARS. Huh? 

To confirm 110 percent — this baby cries actual tears. It is both the most heartbreaking and impressive thing I’ve ever seen. She stained my shirt sleeve with her whimpers. I was in awe by this weepy wonder. 

If you’re left shook —perplexed by how Hasbro fashioned a doll to cry— it’s really quite simple. Baby Alive comes with multiple accessories, including a juice box. Similar to a medicine dropper, kids can submerge the juice box into a cup of water, squeeze it so the water enters through the straw, and then feed it to the doll. She’ll slurp up the water, and later surprises kids with some real tears. Basically, she’s us during the first 10 minutes of Up.

Baby Alive has rooted hair, mechanical eyes, can speak in either English or Spanish, and is available in three different ethnicities. If kids press her nose and chest simultaneously for five seconds they can watch her switch languages. Not only is this ideal for a bilingual kid, but it can help others learn a new phrase in a different language. To top things off, batteries are included.

Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby will be crawling into stores starting this fall— so get your tissues ready! And if you’re looking for more Baby Alive dolls, check out Snackin’ Sara (Spoiler alert: She poops!).

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