Baby Alive Glo Pixies from the New YouTube Series | Source: Hasbro/the Toy Insider

There’s already more than one way to enjoy Baby Alive — after all, they’re technically three dolls in one!

Entertainment One (eOne) is offering kids even more ways to play with Hasbro‘s Baby Alive crew through a new YouTube series, starring brand new dolls!

Baby Alive Show will launch next Friday on the Baby Alive YouTube channel. The series will consist of 20 episodes featuring Baby Alive Pixie characters Gigi Glimmer, Sammie Shimmer, and Siena Sparkle, along with some of the original dolls and imaginative storytelling. Watch the trailer below!

Hasbro will also release new Baby Alive dolls, including the Baby Alive Glo Pixies Dolls, the Baby Alive Glo Pixies Mini Dolls, and the Baby Alive Lulu Achoo Dolls, all designed for kids ages 3 and up. Priced at $31.49, the Baby Alive Glo Pixies consist of Gabi Glitter, Gigi Glimmer, Tia Winkle, Sammie Shimmer, and Siena Sparkle. The dolls’ mouths, wings, and tummies will glow as kids pretend-feed them. The dolls also come with accessories, including a snack, a shimmer cup, and a comb for kids to brush and style their hair with. Each doll features its own unique clothes and a Pixieprint design on its cheeks. For instance, Siena Sparkle has pink clovers stamped on hers!

Baby Alive Glo Pixies Mini Dolls | Source: Hasbro

The Baby Alive Glo Pixies Mini Dolls are 4-inch, collectible dolls with glow-in-the-dark accents and surprise animal figures. Priced at $10.99, each doll has a unique Pixiprint stamped on its stomach, ranging from hearts to clovers. Accessories include a play nursery and pretend bottle. The dolls include Aqua Flutter, Bubble Sunny, Plum Rainbow, and Sky Breeze.

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The Baby Alive Lulu Achoo Doll is a 12-inch, interactive doll that can sneeze and move her hands toward her face while her nose and forehead light up red. Priced at $52.99, the doll comes with a doctor playset that includes toy check-up accessories, a play stethoscope, a pretend thermometer, a tissue, a spoon, and a bottle. The doll displays more than 50 reactions — including lights, sounds, and movements — that interact with each accessory.

The new Baby Alive dolls will be available at most major retailers and in August.

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