Baby Shark Big Show Mix & Match Bath Swimmer | Source: WowWee

Kids can check “swimming with the sharks” off of their bucket lists by inviting Baby Shark along for bathtime with a new water toy from WowWee!

Bathtime can be a big production for some toddlers, but the Baby Shark Big Show Mix & Match Bath Swimmer makes the nighttime routine smooth sailing. The 10-piece set includes a floating Baby Shark figure and mix-and-match accessories that kids can use to dress up the friendly shark in cool looks while working their imaginations. 

Kids can dress Baby Shark in different looks. | Source: WowWee

Toddlers can swap out different hats, eyewear, and facial expressions by pressing the plastic accessories into the slots of the Baby Shark figure to turn him into a scuba diver, a superhero, a baseball player, or a detective, transporting them from an ordinary bathroom to an underwater wonderland. The Bath Swimmer is based on Baby Shark’s Big Show!, so kids can act out their favorite scenes from the popular Nickelodeon series while they play.

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The Baby Shark figure doesn’t just float: He can actively swim, too. Kids can wind up the dial on Baby Shark’s tummy to make him swim around the tub with a wiggling fin. The swimming feature gives the toy more play value because toddlers can give it new life in the summer by bringing it into the kiddie pool. The accessories do not float, but older kids with strong swimming skills can play search-and-rescue games with them as they sink to the bottom of a pool to get even more use out of them.

Baby Shark Big Show Mix & Match Bath Swimmer | Source: WowWee

Parents will appreciate that the set comes with a mesh storage bag with suction cups so they can stick it right on the wall of their bathroom to store all of the pieces. If they want to continue the multi-use theme, it also makes a great waterproof carrying case for the beach.

WowWee also has a four-pack of Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toys to add more characters from Baby Shark’s Big Show! into the mix.

Kids can turn their bathtub into a great, big ocean with a friendly shark by their side!

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