Toddlers love playing in the Balu Ball Pit. | Source: Balu Organics

Dive into spring with the latest obsession for toddlers and parents. Balu Organics is a Black- and woman-owned business started by Danielle Spencer, a working mom based in Canada. Spencer saw a need for safe and healthy play options for infants and toddlers to aid in physical development like walking, standing, and crawling — all while providing mental stimulation and playful entertainment away from screens. 

Soft organic foam balls fill this eco-friendly ball pit. | Source: Balu Organics

In comes Balu Organics, a company that is mainly focused on creating products made from organic, locally sourced materials that are easy to use and maintain for hard-working parents everywhere. Balu Organics is most known for its Original Balu Ball Pit, play pits full of soft, cuddly balls that toddlers can safely jump in. The play balls are made from eco-friendly foam that is 100% organic and is a healthier alternative to polyethylene foam products. Parents can compost the foam balls when toddlers get too big for the ball pit. 

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The pit itself also features a cloth or velvet covering that is removable and machine washable. It comes in a sleek, minimalistic design, in several Instagram-worthy colors and textures. The ball pit is also available in different sizes for growing babies. Additionally, Balu Organics also offers playmats and bibs, and the brand will soon launch baby couches and ball pits in different shapes.

You can shop Balu Organics products on the Balu website, Etsy, and

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