The Bananagrams Signature Edition is a deluxe version of the classic game. | Source: Bananagrams/The Toy Insider

Bananagrams have been a staple in family game nights for 15 years now and to celebrate the milestone, the game manufacturers are launching an inaugural International Bananagrams Day on Nov. 26. Families can join the fun with a deluxe, new design of the spelling game — available to preorder now.

The Bananagrams Signature Edition is the same game kids know and love, but so much fancier. There are 144 letter tiles in a warm brown color with gold lettering and 10 luxe tiles featuring a Bananagrams logo. Players can use the luxe tiles to represent any letter. The iconic banana bag the tiles are kept in is made out of velvet and is covered in the same Bananagrams logo as the luxe tiles. The outer packaging includes a note to players from Rena Nathanson, the co-inventor of Bananagrams, and photos from Bananagrams history. 

Bananagrams is releasing a Signature Edition to celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary. | Source: Bananagrams

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Bananagrams is a great game for kids ages 7 and up to hone their vocabulary in a fun, competitive environment. The group starts out with an even amount of letter tiles and a pile in the middle — “the bunch.” Players use their tiles to create words and continue building off their original word. As the game goes on, kids must each take letter tiles from the bunch to continue building their grid. When all the letters in the bunch are gone, the first player to use all of their tiles is declared the winner! That is, if they spelled everything right. Bananagrams Signature Edition is just as fun as the original, but its brand-new look has made playing Bananagrams an easy-on-the-eyes experience for families. 

The Bananagrams Signature Edition is available for preorder for $24.99 at The game will ship out by the end of the month.

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