Kids can color with their favorite fashion doll!

Barbie Color Creations is a new app made to encourage creativity in every kid. Mattel teamed up with StoryToys to develop an experience that gives kids the opportunity to express themselves with digital coloring books, a customizable art studio, and more.

The game includes a variety of coloring books for kids to play with. | Source: StoryToys/Mattel

The game follows narrator Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts and Malibu as they paint, sketch, and design their way through the world. Players can tackle design challenges with different themes, customize their studio, and personalize characters to play as in the game’s scenes. Kids can save their designs as stickers to play with and completing a design challenge will reward kids with decorations for their studio.

The app is committed to highlighting a variety of characters with different body sizes, skin tones, abilities, and backgrounds. It will also have regular updates to keep kids interested, adding more coloring packs and challenges at later dates.

Barbie Color Creations is designed for iPad and available to download for free now on the App Store. The game will also be getting a Google Play version on June 29. It is appropriate for kids ages 4 and up, and made with kids ages 6-8 in mind. Barbie is bringing kids coloring and creativity to gaming with this new video game!

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