Beaker Creatures from Learning Resources have been an educational toy staple for a couple of years. Now, with their Monsterglow Lab set, parents can be assured that kids are having florescent fun while being educated at the same time.

Whether homeschooling each year or remote learning just for 2021, Beaker Creatures is a beneficial way to bring the home fun. Simultaneously, kids learn about science protocol, lab etiquette, and cause and effect.

The Monster Lab in particular set lets kids make glowing, ghoulish science discoveries. Kids can spin up glowing creations with the twisting, twirling centrifuge. Alternatively, they can activate a black light blaster to trigger a glowing reaction. As kids explore the 20-page, full-color experiment booklet, they learn about bioluminescence. They also learn how to follow directions, master mixing, learn the order of operations, and develop observation techniques.

The Beaker Creatures Monsterglow Lab also comes with two Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods. The Pods feature collectible glow-in-the-dark Monsterglow creatures to add to their Beaker Creatures collection!

If your kids are learning from home, set a science period during the week where they play with their science labs. Get a notebook and have them learn to make predictions. Get two sets and gift one to a friend or family member, then have a virtual class or playdate where everyone engages in their kits simultaneously for interactive, educational fun.

For easy cleanup, have kids engage with their Beaker Creatures lab on a large cookie sheet with raised sides. Some kids may prefer to engage with the set with rubber gloves if textures are too tactile for them. Either way, any set from the Beaker Creatures Collections from Learning Resources can be a fun family-friendly activity as part of a rainy day or as part of an at-home learning session.

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Charlene DeLoach

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