Build-A-Bear recently launched its new Bear Builder 3D Workshop! | Source: Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear is making it easier for kids to meet their next furever friend! 

The plush toy company recently launched its newest iteration: Bear Builder 3D Workshop! This immersive platform lets kids (and their parents) shop online in an engaging and creative way while also retaining the fun of the Build-A-Bear store — perfect for this weird COVID era. 

Developed in partnership with Buzz 3D, PGAV, and Nutanix, Bear Builder 3D Workshop can be accessed anytime on a PC or mobile device, no matter where you are in the world! It’s never been easier for kids to build their perfect teddy bear

The process is simple: Once kids log onto the website, they can swipe through to choose their new furry friend. Each bear is pictured in its own house-box, similar to how kids take their bears home from the physical store. Once selected, kids then get to stuff their new friend! By dragging puffs of stuffing from the sky into their bear, kids get to decide how to perfectly stuff their bear.

Kids can fill their bear’s heart with positive affirmations! | Source: Build-A-Bear Workshop

Next, little builders can fill their bear’s heart! They can drag affirmations like “loved,” “happy,” and “kind” into the virtual animal’s heart until it’s full. Kids can fluff their bears by brushing them and using a hair dryer, then dress them up in their new fit. Lastly, builders can add sounds and a name before sending their new BFF home.

All the fun goes down at! The Bear Builder 3D Workshop makes for the perfect interactive Christmas activity — head over now for a beary good time!

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