Eight Ways Kids Can Play with Poop

There was an explosion of poop at North American International Toy Fair this weekend—and I’m thankfully not talking about the “I missed” kind from Daddy Day Care. All of these new products, which humor kids and adults, will probably explain why your kids will be obsessed with poop this year. We saw a whole bunch of fart- and poop-themed toys and games that we just couldn’t pass by and not notice, and here are some of our flatulate favorites (in no particular order).

Who Tooted? (Goliath Games)

Goliath.WhoTootedIn this game, up to four players must guess “who tooted” in each round to advance around the board. The game randomly lights up one of the controllers (which look like whoopee cushions!) to let you know that you know who will drop the bomb during the round. That player presses the button on their controller to make the man in the middle fart, and everyone tries to guess who was responsible for passing gas. If the player who was it out-tooted everyone else, then he or she gets to move forward. Look, parents, a reward for farting!

The Ugglys Pet Shop (Moose Toys)

USE ugglysMoose Toys is making its Ugglys line small and collectible, similar to its mega popular Shopkins brand. On top of the small doghouses that kids can get for their new repulsive pets, they can also accumulate a whole bunch of poop. Do you even know what that means? They can collect, share, and trade poop piles in all sizes and colors, including green, brown, and even gold. Collecting stamps is sooo last century.

Prank Star Fart Bubble Gun (Skyrocket Toys)


As a follow up to the popular Poo-Dough and Fart Piano in the Prank Star line, this motorized bubble gun blasts out a stream of fart bubbles. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without real fart sounds. But, don’t worry! The bubbles are cherry-scented, so you get to experience the fun of farts without having to smell the real thing (phew!).

Cacamax (Just Play)


Cacamax has a whole bunch of functions, like being able to walk on a leash, that lets kids play with him as if he were a real dog. And what else do real dogs do? Poop. You know the drill: Kids feed Cacamax his yummy bones, and then press a button when they want the dog to poop. He may even make an “oopsie” while you’re walking him in the middle of the street (and he is not shy about making real noises), but never fear—the set comes with a pooper-scooper so you can clean up the mess right away (because that was my first worry). Plus, “poop” literally translates into “caca” in French, so at least your kid will be able to “parle” in another language.

POOP: The Game (Ad Magic)

POOP_CARDSIn this ultimate poop-themed party game, similar to UNO, the first player to run out of cards wins. Players must take turns pooping (and some cards make them perform some pretty crazy fun things), but must be careful to not clog the toilet. With the Party Pooper Edition, up to 10 players can get in on the fun.

Stinky Pig (Patch Products)

Stinky Pig 2Think hot potato, but with a tootin’ pig. When kids poke Stinky Pig’s belly, he starts to sing, and kids roll a die to see whether to pass him left or right. But, if the player is holding Stinky Pig when he passes gas, then he or she takes a token. The player with the least amount of tokens at the end of the game wins!

Doo Doo Head Mask (Big Mouth Inc.)

Doo Doo HeadEmbrace your inner doo doo head. This latex mask, which looks just like the smiling poop Emoji on iPhones and Androids, will get a laugh from kids and adults of all ages.

Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara (Hasbro)

BABY ALIVE SNACKIN' SARA_Bl 2Kids can make food for Sara to eat, and she’ll let you know when she’s full, ready for a nap, or needs a diaper change. But you’ll actually need to change her diaper, because like all babies, Sara needs to poop.

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