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Get ready to let it rip — pro style.

Beyblades have been an essential battle toy for about 20 years, allowing kids to face off and see who lasted longer in the arena just like the characters in the television show. Inspired directly by the different television series, each Beyblade set has differed in style, whether it be the design of the stadium or the speedy toys themselves.

Hasbro is pulling inspiration from Beyblade Burst with a Japanese Beyblade Burst Pro Series Elite Champions Pro Set that helps kids go head-to-head.

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, this set comes with everything needed for a loaded battle. The first item to look at is the Beystadium. This solid-white area has four divots the Beyblades can bounce off of when zipping around, creating the opportunity for one to defeat its opponent. Parents will need to help kids set up the clear top to create the stadium feel. The included instructions explain how to clip in the four sides to get the arena ready to rumble!

Then, it’s time to prepare the two opponents. Included in this pack are Cho-Z Valtryek, a black-, silver-, and gold-colored attack type, and Cho-Z Achilles, a red-, blue-, and silver-colored stamina type. These two toys were broken up into three parts: the energy layer, the forge disc, and the performance tip. This trio combined creates an individual Beyblade with its own special skills and abilities in battle, such as added weight or increased speed. This pack is filled with customization, too! Also included is a sticker pack for the Cho-Z Valtryek and the Achilles, adding special flair when they twist and turn in the Beystadium. I am a first-time Beyblade battle star, and I did have a little difficulty fully setting them up. The instructions will help any parent put them together for the match, as the photos are easy to read and very descriptive.

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Finally, with everything ready, it was time to let my younger sisters duke it out in the arena. It took them a few tries to learn how to power up the toys so they could battle. The instructions note that the launcher was loosely connected to the Beyblade, and they mean it literally. A few times, a Beyblade would fall off before they could start the fight. But once they figured it out, they were excited to see who would last longer. They even started a small tally to keep track of who was the winner.

If dueling kids want to go head-to-head for the first time or add more to their Beyblade collection, the Beyblade Burst Pro Series Elite Champions Pro Set is available now.

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