Who said Beyblading is out of style? With the action-packed animated series Beyblade Burst ramping up its seventh season, Hasbro is giving kids a sick arena for them to “let it rip” just like Valt.

Manufactured by Hasbro, the Beyblade Burst QuadStrike Thunder Edge Battle Set equips Beybladers ages 8 and up with everything they need to hold the ultimate showdown. For $41.99, players will receive two powerful spin tops, two green launchers, and a Beyblade stadium for head-to-head Beyblade combat.

If your little Beyblader is looking to jolt into battle with maximum energy, then the Lightning Pandora Endless might be just what they’re looking for. This stamina/balance type top offers movement at lighting speed once it leaves the launcher and hits the stadium with a poise that makes it a challenging competitor in battle.

Alternatively, players looking to deliver a mighty punch can opt for the Divine Evo Belfyre, an attack/defense top that’s designed for battle. With its sturdy exterior, the Divine Evo Belfyre hits hard for a guaranteed win. Components to each spin-top are detachable, making customizing the perfect Beyblade for victory super simple!

The Beystadium puts players right at the heart of battle, just like characters in the iconic animated franchise. With four separate battle zones and a secret drop, it’s the perfect spot for players to test out their new spin tops. The Battle Set comes with two green launchers for all your kids’ ripping needs!

While letting it rip is what it’s all about, you can’t forget about safety. It’s best for little Beybladers to only launch their spin tops on the Beystadium to avoid any rogue tops.

Fun fact: The box that the Beyblade Burst QuadStrike Thunder Edge Battle Set comes in is made from plastic-free packaging (excluding the tape and glue), so it’s also an eco-friendly purchase choice for your household.

This Battle Set will give your little ones an electric evening of letting it rip!


Kids can put their Beyblade Quadstrike tops to the test in this battle set. The set comes with two tops and launchers and has four Quad Zones for kids to dominate.

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  • $41.99
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  • 8+

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