Gear up like the Hero of Hyrule to save the world and look cool doing it.

Bioworld presents a brand new line of apparel based on the hit Nintendo Switch game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildThis awesome new set of swag will make anyone feel like the heroic Link taking on the evil Ganon to save the world.

The Men’s White tee is a fashionable way to display your love for The Legend of Zelda, featuring Link atop his noble steed emblazoned on the front, with splashes of the iconic breathtaking scenery from the game in the background.

Those who want to express their Zelda love in a more stylish manner can dress sharp with the Link Turquoise T-shirt Dress. This soft and comfortable shirt features the intricate, sword-like markings seen on Link’s tunic in the game to make one feel like a true warrior.

The Shield Sublimated Bill snapback is a slick piece of head gear that features a patch of Link’s in-game shield, the Traveler’s Shield, as well as a brim that displays epic artwork inspired by the game.

The Metal Pin Traditional Adjustable Cap won’t fend off any incoming projectiles, but the metal pin of Link’s shield stuck on the center makes for a fashionabl, low-key Hylian touch.

Have a handy case for your rupees with the Breath of the Wild-style Zip Around wallet. The outside shares the trademark blue color and intricate designs as Link’s tunic and is even decorated with brown belts like the ones Link uses to hold on to his gear.

This handy Hylian Shield keychain still won’t block any deku seeds, but it will add some heroic flare to your set of keys.

Anyone looking to protect their IDs can pick up either of these Breath of the Wild lanyards, which feature game art along the strap and an ID holder. It even comes with its own shield-shaped keychain or a Master Sword keychain. Plus, they each come complete with a collectible sticker.

Keep your feet warm while adventuring through Hyrule with Breath of the Wild socks. These crew socks display unique artwork from the game. The ankle socks 3-pack features a blue pair stylized after Link’s tunic, a pair with his new shield, and a white pair with the game’s logo.


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