Obviously when you think of traditional golf, you think of hitting a ball into a hole. But what if I told you that this golf game doesn’t include a ball or a hole? Okay, don’t freak — hear me out: Birdie Golf is a new toy from Hog Wild that turns everything you know about mini-golf on its head.

Instead of a regular, hard golf ball, Birdie Golf uses a half-birdie-half-golf-ball hybrid. The birdie half of the ball looks like what you use in a game of badminton, but in this case, it also acts as the tee. The design keeps the ball in play because the birdie allows the ball to fly straight when kids hit it, preventing it from rolling away into the bushes. The golf ball half is foamy and lightweight, helping to keep it airborne when kids hit it (and making it way less painful if you accidentally get whacked in the head with it).

Rather than aiming for a hole in one, the goal of the game is to hit the birdie as close as possible to the weighted flag. After everyone hits their birdie, someone can tilt the weighted flag sideways. All of the players whose birdies landed inside the flag ring made it in the “hole.” Then, someone can toss the weighted flag for the next hole, creating an evolving golf course as they play.

The strategy is to try and hit the flag with the birdie in one swoop rather than dragging the ball little by little across the ground. Tilting the flag at the end gives kids a 7.5-inch safety net, which is handy for beginner-level players. It also doesn’t require too much concentration and frustration spent trying to maneuver the ball back and forth, so kids won’t lose their patience or feel defeated while playing. Instead, they can focus more on relaxing and having fun.

The game is recommended for kids ages 4 and up and while the rules cater toward the younger set, it really is fun for all ages. During a time when most people are confined to their homes due to the coronavirus, Birdie Golf lets you create your own golf course any place you choose. You will need a bit of space to swing the golf clubs and for the birdies to go flying, but if you have a yard or a park nearby, this is the perfect way to get active after being cooped up indoors.

This set includes two golf clubs, four birdies, a weighted flag, and a caddy pack, which kids can use to hold some essentials (like a house key or snacks) while they’re playing outdoors. There’s no better time to take the golf course home.

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