The Black Panther Fresh Fierce Collection features Wakanda’s bravest women. | Source: World of EPI/The Toy Insider

There’s nobody more fierce in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than the women of Wakanda. World of EPI created a line of dolls that turns these bold women into bold dolls for young Marvel fans. 

World of EPI’s Black Panther Fresh Fierce Collection is made for kids ages 6 and up and has three 11.5-inch dolls themed around the iconic women of Black Panther: Shuri, Okoye, and Nakia. I got the Okoye doll and it has a striking resemblance to the character on screen. 

The Okoye doll is wearing the Dora Milaje uniform and carrying her weapon of choice — a vibranium spear. Young Black Panther fans will love all the small details that were put into Okoye, from the patterning on her pants and the tattoos on her head to her vibranium kimoyo beads. The Shuri doll is dressed in a purple-and-blue track suit and comes with a vibranium helmet and kimoyo beads. The Nakia doll is wearing her hair in dreadlocks and carrying her vibranium ring blades. She is wearing a green, black, and brown jumpsuit that is covered with swirls, diamonds, and other patterns. 

The dolls come with a display stand or can be displayed in the box. | Source: World of EPI

Kids can spend hours playing with the dolls, acting out scenes from Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever or creating their own moments with the Dora Milaje general and other characters. The dolls are fully articulated, so kids can get all of the warriors’ fierce battle moves down cold. 

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Not only will kids like the Okoye doll, but collectors will, too. The Fresh Fierce collection comes in sturdy packaging with gold accents and a bio of the characters on the back. If collectors want to display the doll outside of the box, it comes with a clear display stand so the characters will fit into any collection seamlessly. 

Okoye and the other women of Black Panther are positive role models for young Black girls. Having the Fresh Fierce dolls in their collections, whether they’re going on display or in a toy box, is a fun reminder of the emotional and physical power of Black women as superheroes.

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