There are hundreds of different Squishmallows characters bopping around out there in the world, but Jazwares recently added a new feature to the plush brand and some might call it a “glow up.”

Blacklight Squishmallows are now available at Claire’s in four different sizes. First let’s talk about the little guys. There are 3.5-inch Squishmallows that come attached to a keyring clip and are available in the following characters: a strawberry bat named Gwendolyn, an orange bat named Barnet, a bowler hat clown named Resul, and a party hat clown named Umberto. There is also a little nameless mushroom available in a mini 2.5-inch size.

The two clowns and the two bats are also available in the 8-inch size, in addition to two mushrooms named Randall and Garo. There’s a whole crew of 12-inch Blacklight Squishmallows that includes a toucan, a frog, an axolotl, and more. If you order the 12-inch styles online, you will get one surprise character from the bunch or you can head to Claire’s retail locations to choose exactly which one you want.

Like all Squishmallows, these new additions to the squad are made of soft and squishy spandex “EF” and polyester stuffing that makes each character as puffy as a marshmallow. They’re also machine washable if you throw them in a pillowcase, machine wash on cold, tumble dry on the lowest setting (or air dry), and floof them back to their original shape.

The prices range from $9.99-34.99 depending on size. Head to or your local Claire’s store to look for them!

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Jackie Cucco

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