Not a lot of toys come with packaging that can claim to be part of the fun. However, with the newest collectible dolls from IMC Toys, Bloopies Fairies Moonlight, unboxing is an interactive part of the experience.

Each fairy comes in a pretty wing-shaped capsule along with their two wings, a sticker sheet, six common accessories, and a personalized accessory. There are seven fairies in total for kids to collect: Tatiana, Valeria, Camila, Charlotte, Destiny, Mindy, and, the rarest of all, Diana. Each fairy has a vibrant color palette with different colored hair, wings, and dresses. Although they’re a little top-heavy, the fairies can stand on their own.

The accessories are a fun feature of this toy, but it is only recommended for kids ages 3 and up because some of them are quite small. Each fairy comes with a necklace that can be placed around her neck, a ring that’s perfectly sized for kids’ tiny hands, a heart-shaped gem, a wand that the gem can fit into, a treasure chest, and a key that opens the chest. I unboxed Destiny, who also came with her special personalized item, which was a lamp similar to the one that you might find a genie in. 

The fairies’ wings are made of a thin, paper-like material that could be bent or torn if kids are not careful. However, this material allows for the coolest feature of the Bloopies Fairies Moonlight. At first, I thought the wings could only be flapped manually using your hands. This was still a neat feature, so I didn’t think much more of it until I saw an instructional diagram that detailed how the wings could be activated to flap on their own. 

In order to access this feature, you have to remove the fairy’s head, pull a tab, replace the head, and then place her on the platform on top of the butterfly capsule. This will activate the battery-powered wings to flap sporadically for about 45 seconds. This feature adds to the “magic” of the toy. If a little one uses this toy so often that the batteries wear out, you can replace them. Parents would just need to remove the fairy’s head again and use a screwdriver to open the LR41 battery compartment. Once kids are done with their playtime, they can place everything back in the capsule for easy storage.

From the packaging down to the toy itself, Bloopies Fairies Moonlight are a magical experience for kids.


Introducing Bloopies Fairies Moonlight – the newest collection of fairies that live in a magical world! Unbox more than 5 surprises, including a magic wand, jewelry, and more, by opening the glittery wing-shaped capsule! These Fairies are more beautiful than ever, with their colorful dresses, wings, and glitter details! The Fairies have a unique feature…

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  • $14.99
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  • 3+

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