Dancing Bingo Blue is ready to play! | Source: Just Play/The Toy Insider

Grab a handy dandy notebook and solve some clues with Blue!

Blue’s Clues & You!, the revival of Nickelodeon’s popular educational children’s series Blue’s Clues, has won the hearts of many a young learner with its encouragement of audience participation to solve little mysteries. 

The Blue’s Clues & You! Dancing Bingo Blue from Just Play, recommended for kids ages 3 and up, similarly encourages participation from the kids that play with it. The toy features the recorded voice of Josh, the main character of Blue’s Clues & You! that will ask kids to sing along or say what animal sound they’re hearing, much like the show asking for feedback from its young audience. It also features cute noises from Blue, including little barks and her singing along in her own way.

The toy features Blue dressed as a farmer, who Josh calls “Farmer Blue.” The plush character has hidden mechanisms to let her stand up on her own as well as dance. Because of this, Blue is probably not the best bedtime snuggle companion, but she’s great for interacting and dancing with!

Dancing Bingo Blue sings and dances along with kids. | Source: Just Play

Kids can press two buttons to interact with Blue: one on her back left paw and one on her front left paw. When kids push Blue’s front paw, she’ll sing the spelling song “Bingo” with Josh. When kids push her back paw, an animal sound will play and Josh will ask what animal it was, giving kids time to answer. This will be particularly entertaining for any kids who are in their farm phase.

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Those are the two main activities that the toy offers. There isn’t much variety in the singing or the animal guessing game, other than some difference in song and what animal sound will play, but it’s age-appropriate for preschoolers and young kids that enjoy interactive toys. The toy will encourage kids to dance as well, as Blue shakes back and forth and uses her ears to clap.

Any kids that love Blue’s Clues & You! will find a new buddy in Dancing Bingo Blue.

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