If your kids keep snatching your nail polish for play makeovers—and make a huge mess while doing so—Worx Toys might have a solution to your problem.

Worx Toys’ original Bo-Po, which stands for “brush on, peel off,” does exactly what its name implies. Kids can apply one of 10 vibrant nail polish colors, such as pink “Razzmatazz” or soft blue “Cloudy Day,” and peel it right off within minutes after it dries.

Your kids won’t be able to tell the difference between Bo-Po’s nail polish and actual nail polish. The polish goes on like real nail polish and dries within minutes. The tints are semitransparent, so they can be applied over solid colors or directly to the nail.

Whenever your child is ready for a different color, just peel the polish off like you would a sticker. No nail polish remover is needed either, so little to no mess accompanies the application and removal processes. And that’s a rarity when it comes to the potentially disastrous combination of children and nail polish. If some does happen to spill onto the carpet or other surfaces, adults can easily clean it up with soap and water.

Or, for more intricate nail designs, the Bo-Po Digi-Nail Studio allows kids to create up to 500 custom nail wraps for a fun style that’s entirely their own.

To create nail art, kids can download the app for iOS and Android to any mobile device, or create a design right on the computer at diginailstudio.com/create-design. They can attach emoji stickers and various patterns, or browse from real photos on their own device for a completely personalized touch.

Once the patterns are designed, kids can print them off using the provided Digi-Nail Studio nail sheets, which include 10 different nail size options for each hand. Instructions for printing are provided with the product. There are 10 nail size options available for each hand. With 500 nail wraps included, there are enough sheets to complete up to 50 manicures, and refill packets are also available.

Kids can remove the proper nail sizes and apply them to finger nails or toe nails with firm pressure. So long as they press firmly enough, the stick-on nails stay firmly in place without much hassle. The remaining wrap can be filed off with the included nail file, and scissors can be used for further adjustments for nail shape and size.

The set includes a topcoat for a salon-style finish. Like the original Bo-Po, the topcoat dries within minutes, and the nontoxic and child-safe polish are easy to peel off once dry.

The Digi-Nail Studio is recommended for kids ages 6 and up, likely because of the online app, but the original Bo-Po can be used by kids ages 3 and up.

Kids can unleash their creativity with the countless combinations provided between the original Bo-Po and the Bo-Po Digi-Nail Studio, all while sparing their parents the mess.

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Casey Holland