board game gifts

board game gifts

Are you looking for a gift that is fun and will help create long-lasting memories? Board games make the perfect holiday gifts because they provide plenty of family entertainment and can be played again and again. Plus, they offer learning opportunities for kids — and they don’t even realize it.

We love giving board games as presents to our friends and even as a family gift to ourselves. Below, check out my suggestions for board games that would make great holiday gifts this year.

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Draftosaurus (Ankama)

Draftosaurus, from Ankama, is a super cute game and is perfect if your kids like dinosaurs. It’s fun for both kids and adults to play, too. We loved it the moment we played a demo of it at Origins Game Fair.

There are adorable dino meeples to draft and pass. Players are trying to create the best dinosaur park they can. During each turn, players secretly choose a dino to place in one of the pens on their board. However, there are playing restrictions on the board that are based on the dice rolled by the start of player each round. It’s quick and easy to learn, and your family can begin playing within minutes of opening the box.

board games for gifts
Kanoodle (Educational Insights)

Kanoodle, from Educational Insights, is a fantastic option for a solo game. It has 12 puzzle pieces that can be arranged in lots of different ways. It’ll keep you and the kids busy trying to solve all 200 puzzle challenges! It’s an excellent way to practice problem-solving. I love that it comes in a travel-ready case, too.

board games for gifts

Everyone Loves a Parade (Calliope Games)

Everyone Loves a Parade, from Calliope Games, is a great game for two to six players. Players collect cards — featuring flowers, balloons, and flags  — that are used to decorate your parade float. Each player is trying to collect the type of decorations the crowd wants to see based on the dice rolled at the start of each round. Each decoration card has a special ability that you may use to help you, too.

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Azul (Next Move/Plan B Games)

Azul, from Next Move/Plan B Games, is an intriguing abstract game in which you are choosing and placing wall tiles in a specific pattern. We love introducing people to this game because it’s easy to learn and fun to play.

There’s a delicate balance between rushing to be the first to completely fill a horizontal row and strategically placing tiles for lots of points for as many turns as you can. We love playing this game with our kids and friends. It plays just as well with only two players as it does with four.

board games for gifts

Kingdomino (Blue Orange Games)

Kingdomino, from Blue Orange Games, is one of our all-time favorite family board games. It is quick and simple to play, but requires some planning to win as you build your kingdom in a five-by-five grid. Each domino tile features land types found throughout the kingdom.

Players must match one side of their domino land tile to a previously placed tile. The more tiles you have with crowns on them, the more those land areas are worth. We absolutely love playing this game. Scoring the kingdoms is great multiplication practice for the kids, too.

We hope these board game suggestions help you with your holiday shopping! Need even more ideas? Check out these games that make great birthday gifts or this list of board games for family game night.

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