While the classic game Boggle has been around for decades, it may be too advanced for younger kids and their cognitive skill levels. Now, Boggle Jr. from Winning Moves Games bridges that gap and is a fun way to sneakily work on school-ready skills! Boggle Jr. is a fantastic vocabulary tool to help early learners work on vocabulary and spelling.

Boggle Jr. helps preschoolers transform letters into words, and parents will appreciate the multiple play methods. First, younger players can focus on the cards with three-letter words. Tucking the card into the stand lets the child see the picture. They can look at the letters that spell the picture, and find the letter cubes to match the image. As they progress, they can use the flap to hide the word (and the letters that spell out the word.) Then, the child must recall the term to describe the picture (i.e., car or lion.)

This offers a variety of educational opportunities, including sounding out the word, trying to recognize the letters, and then organizing the letters to form the word. Parents can skip the gameplay and use it as a simple educational tool to assist the child in working through sound and letter identification.

Parents can look on as a child progresses while their child finds the letters independently, puts them in the correct order to make the word, and adds the competitive gameplay aspect. Then, the gameplay can progress again using the four-letter cards to work on more complex cognitive skills. Later, caregivers can use the letter cubes independently, shout out a word, and see how fast the child can find the letters to make the word — sort of a fun, visual spelling bee!

Once gameplay is over, you can store everything neatly in the hardcover box, making storage and post-game pickup a breeze. However, parents may consider putting the letter dice in a small, portable bag to take with them on the go and keep kids entertained and learning. For example, kids can roll one of the dice and then have to find an object in the restaurant that begins with that letter (Roll the letter T and then point out the table in the restaurant they are sitting at!). It is also a fun game to play on a car trip as a companion to the iSpy game.

All in all, kids who have fun learning will retain what they learn more readily, and Boggle Jr. offers many ways for them to learn while having a great time in the process!


Two different matching games encourage reading and memory skills. In Match It/Spell It, kids look at the picture and word, then spell it out. In Cover It, kids use the word shield to spell words from memory.

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