Childhood is supposed to be the one completely carefree time in our lives, but that’s not always the case.

Without the typical stress outlets of recess, summer camp, and playdates with friends due to COVID-19, parents need to find creative ways to keep their kids relaxed and happy. Canadian company Shaftesbury Technology is lending a helping hand with the launch of Bubble Bloom, the first of six Positive Distraction Games.

Positive Distraction Games are designed to help reduce stress levels through immersive virtual reality tablet games. Recommended for kids ages 6-15, Bubble Bloom helps reduce anxiety by transforming the user’s surroundings into a virtual underwater oasis with calming music. This creates a stimulating play environment that puts kids at ease.

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Shaftesbury Technology works with pediatric healthcare institutions and university research centers in the U.S. and Canada, which helps the company develop immersive media experiences with kids’ therapeutic support tools.

The app is available for use on iPad and Android tablets.

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