Cartoonito is prepping kids for Earth Day this year with new episodes of Bugs Bunny Builders

Five new episodes of Bugs Bunny Builders are dropping this week on HBO Max. Each episode features classic Looney Tunes characters teaming up to overcome challenges and build new projects! 

“K-9: Space Puppy” features Daddy and Marvin the Martian’s dog getting into hijinks together! | Source: WarnerMedia

The “Blast Off” episode features Marvin the Martian crash landing in Looneyburg, then hiring the Looney Builders to help get his ship back in action. In “K-9: Space Puppy,” Marvin is back to hire the Looney Builders to build a doghouse for his puppy friend, K-9. However, Daffy Duck becomes quick friends with K-9 and schemes to make playtime last longer. “Cousin Billy” features Daffy’s cousin, Billy, who wants the Looney Builders to make her an art studio, but Daffy keeps trying to show off how cool he is. Finally, the Looney Builders have to create a cheese cafe for the Mouse Sisters in “Cheddar Days,” but Sylvester is too sad to paint his mural.

“Taz Recycles” is all about characters creating new things out of the old! | Source: WarnerMedia

In “Taz Recycle,” the Looney Builders, including Wile E. Coyote and Daffy, help Taz build a wrecking ball vehicle out of the recycled plastic from Looneyburg. The only problem is, Taz is having a hard time learning how to operate it. 

Check out a clip from “Taz Recycles” below and catch the new episodes on Cartoonito on HBO Max now!

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