Build-a-Bear x Crayola Collection | Source: Build-a-Bear Workshop/the Toy Insider

What’s white, brown, and rainbow all over?

A Crayola teddy bear, of course! Artists of all ages can enjoy the most colorful collection of plush Build-A-Bears yet, courtesy of the Crayola and Build-a-Bear Workshop collaboration.

The line’s signature Crayola Teddy sports rainbow-striped fur and a special Crayola paintbrush, but it’s not just for Teddy to hold! Kids can dip the paintbrush in water and color it over Crayola Teddy’s white paw pads to reveal a surprise pattern. Any paintbrush they find at home can also do the trick — all that’s needed is a dash of water and a dose of creativity.

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These plush pals also come with various accessories, including Crayola crayon costumes, crayon wristbands, and aprons with blank white spaces for kids to color in the same way as the bear’s paw pads to reveal a distinct pattern. The gift set includes two Happy Hugs Build-A-Bears that come with a Crayola apron and a red crayon costume. Families can also purchase the accessories separately.

In addition to this colorfully cute collection, Build-a-Bear Workshop is also offering plush animals for every occasion this spring, from graduation to Mother’s Day. Head over to to check out these special offerings and more!

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