Kids can run their own Build-A-Bear Workshop in this new Roblox tycoon! | Source: Build-A-Bear Worshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop is just one of those stores where kids are right in the middle of the action. Kids pick out their own plush animal, stuff it themselves, bring it to life in the heart ceremony, name it, and dress it up. Now, kids can replicate that iconic experience in the metaverse

Build-A-Bear is bringing its experience to Roblox with Build-A-Bear Tycoon! In the mobile game, kids can build their own Build-A-Bear Workshop from the ground up by saving points. As kids collect more points, the more they can build and the more sections of the game they can unlock. 

While kids are building their store, they can also collect furry friends and explore Bearville! | Source: Build-A-Bear Workshop

While kids are building their shop, they can collect furry friends, including the Build-A-Bear mascot Bearemy, and explore Bearville. Just like in real life, kids can also customize their furry friends, take part in the heart ceremony, and dress them up in different outfits. 

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While running your own business can be hard, kids will make light work of it while playing Build-A-Bear Tycoon on Roblox. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend all day at Build-A-Bear?

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