The latest plush to hit product shelves is from Jazwares — and considering this brand powerhouse is the mastermind of the fan-frenzy Squishmallows, its latest plush pals are sure to be part of the upcoming collector craze!

Bum Bumz are super-soft, uniquely trendy, collectible, 7.5-inch plushies that give off 1990s vibes — and we’re here for it! The line features multiple characters for all interests, such as rock, football, food, and more. They are the perfect present for super collectors and fans of the individual genres that each plushie represents.

These RetroBumz are really rad! | Source: Jazwares/The Toy Insider

The starting price of $8.99 means these make great stocking stuffers, easter basket fillers, good report card gifts, or an impulse buy. Kids may want to display these little delights as room decor or for holiday decorations, too! The cute faces on each stuffed plush also prompt kids to play with them. Whether they develop a story, put on a show, or play hide and seek with the plush, there are many play possibilities in addition to displaying them.

Parents should be aware that kids will probably want to collect them all, and there are several series to gather. For example, the home-themed Bum Bumz line, called HomeBumz, has six featured plush: a refrigerator, a chair, a fireplace, a stove, a plant, and a lamp. Alternatively, RetroBumz features 1960s icons, such as a peace symbol, a groovy flower, an alien, a lava lamp, a gumball machine, and a yin/yang symbol. Some series are exclusive to certain retailers like HotTopic, Hallmark, Walmart, and more, leading fans on a BumBumz pursuit!

Bum Bumz soft, squishy bodies will vibe well with many kids looking for sensory support, but its bean bag cuteness seals the deal. Collectors will also like that each Bum Bumz plushie has a collectible character sticker on the hangtag. Kids can use the stickers to design folders, notebooks, and more — and honestly, I’m all for bringing back sticker books from the ’80s!

The only bummer about Bum Bumz? Deciding which is the first one you’ll get!


Kids can collect these 7.5-inch, super-soft, collectible plush in different themes, including retro, sports, food, and more.

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  • $8.99 EACH
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  • 3+

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