Balloons have been a kids’ party staple for centuries. What celebration is complete without them? They’re big, fun, and can be quite pretty. They’d be darn-near perfect if it wasn’t such a drag to inflate them. Who wants to spend all that precious breath, going one by one, risking a nasty, loud pop in the face each time? Not me.

ZURU’s Bunch O’ Balloons Party is here to save the day and bring us closer to hot air perfection. Bunch O’Balloons Party is an easy-to-use air pump. It doesn’t waste oxygen and doesn’t require any twisting or fastening. Bunch O’ Balloons Party comes with its own plug-in pump, which can inflate up to 40 balloons at a time and only needs 40 seconds to work its magic. The provided balloons are self-sealed and already tied together with strings and ribbons.

The pump allows for eight, 16, or 40 balloons to be inflated at once. Each balloon has a long, thin tube sprouting from its mouth. These tubes connect to the pump’s circular outlet. Once the tubes are attached to the pump, all you need to do is plug it in, press the power button, and watch the balloons grow! After 40 seconds, they will grow from little dangling babies to beautiful, fully grown party decorations.

Despite its name, Bunch O’Balloons Party is no one-trick pony. The box includes a hose, nozzles, and an adapter for blowing up mattresses, pool floats, and whatever other inflatable device or toy your heart desires.

Though Bunch O’ Balloons is ideal for kids’ birthday parties and other events, it’s important to exercise a little caution. The pump should only be used by adults, given all of its electrical components. There is also a choking risk with un-inflated balloons, so those should be kept away from kids ages 8 and under. The box comes with an instruction manual that lists safety suggestions, and parents should familiarize themselves with it and before using the pump and balloons.

Zuru’s Bunch O’ Balloons Party is a simple, quick, and pain-free way to improve your parties and events.

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Toby Jaffe

Toby Jaffe

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