Have you ever looked through photos of one of your favorite celebrity’s luxury estate and sat there dazzled, drooling, and ultimately jealous? Yeah, I had a similar reaction when I saw Calico Critters Luxury Town Home Gift Set, from Epoch Everlasting Play. This crib is seriously #homegoals.

While this five room house may be grandiose, the assembly is a snap. It shouldn’t take kids more than 10 to 15 minutes to piece together this top-notch home. The set includes two Calico Critters (in super pretty dresses, if I may add), and a variety of furniture and home essentials. It’s as if the Calico Critters went on a shopping spree at Bed, Bath & Beyond and IKEA before moving into my toy room.

The accessories are all ridiculously cute and well detailed. There’s a black oven with a silver stove top, a round wooden table with four chairs, and a kitchen sink and oven fixture (with floral accents).  There’s also a piano, a desk, and a bed. There’s even a box for the bread within the kitchen set. I mean c’mon—I don’t even have one of those IRL. These critters are living large.

What makes this town home extra unique is the light fixtures. Not only are they gorg, but they actually work (2 AA batteries required). Calico Critters don’t play in the dark. They want their house to be #lit in every way possible. The doors in the house also all open and close for a more realistic play experience.


Also included is a living room floor piece that can be added to provide kids more space to play on the first floor. There’s a moveable staircase, too. Kids can either position it inside to allow their Calico Critters to move from floor to floor, or stick it outside the house to allow the Critters to walk downstairs from their balcony. While the house at first glance may only appear to have four rooms, kids will discover there is a room divider on the second floor than can split one room into two.

The town home opens and closes, proving very easy to store. When playtime is over, kids can store all the accessories inside the home.

Ultimately, this toy encourages hours of imaginative play. Kids can create various different play scenarios, whether they position their Critters inside or outside the home. Also, additional Calico Critters accessories can be added to change the story even more.

**Note: This is the review for The Calico Critters Luxury Townhome Gift Set.  The Calico Critters Luxury Townhome can be purchased separately, without the accessories, for a lower price.

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