Loog mini guitars come with flash cards and a free app to teach kids the basics. | Source: Loog Guitars

Kids who dream of being rockstars like Paul McCartney have to start somewhere (even if they are too young to know who that is). Loog Guitars is bringing kids everything they need to get there, including a CAMP-exclusive mini guitar.

Experiential toy store CAMP is teaming up with Loog Guitars for an exclusive mini guitar in orange with the CAMP logo on it. The mini guitar is also available in other colors without the CAMP logo. The guitars are designed for kids ages 3 and up, so they only have three strings for little hands to reach all of them. Each mini guitar comes with flashcards that have everything kids need to learn the basics.

Kids can use the free Loog Guitar app to take video lessons, help tune the guitar, and get sheet music from Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and more. Kids can also learn through augmented reality and Loog’s free Zoom lessons on Saturdays. 

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Serious little rockers can use the Loog guitar stand and mini gig bag, which are available individually for $19 and $39 respectively, or bundled all together with a mini guitar for $147 at camp.com. The other colors without the CAMP logo on them are also available on Amazon and Loog Guitars’ website for $79-98.

When your kid becomes a famous rocker, you’ll have these guitars to thank!

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